I Found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill

I’ve found my thrill on Blueberry hill. I find it amazing that I can hunt and gather these highly nutritious berries for free. Well not exactly for free, I do spend time while foraging and then I carefully select the juicy plump ones.

I remember spending a good buck for some cultivated blueberries or organic ones at Whole Foods in the states. Now I can roam freely throughout the forest and just pick at will (AMAZING).

I not only like the taste of wild blueberries, I also love the health benefits these super berries provide. Blueberries have been well known for improving memory which in turn, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s (especially) when eaten regularly.

They’re also antioxidant which means, they help to fight off free radicals (germs) and in return rejuvenate skin cells to give your skin a natural glow and great look.

Do you eat blueberries? If so how often?

Good day and health to all,

Healthy and the Brain

Photos by Emma Green


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